AAA Team Mardas.jpgThe Mardas Financial Group believes that the key to achieving financial success is not based on success of the stock market, but rather driven by our human biases and tendencies. As investors, our behaviors matter. A lot. 

Most people find it difficult not to be afflicted by emotional triggers and irrational biases that unfortunately hurt their chances of achieving their long-term financial objectives. In fact, Dalbar’s Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior report shows that over the long run, average investors earn much less than mutual fund performance reports suggest. Why?  Many of our thoughts and behaviors about money lead us to buy and sell investments at the wrong time and make financial decisions without considering all implications. That’s why the Mardas Financial Group’s 3 KEY TENETS help clients remain on the track toward investment success.


Our Relationship Approach

Relationships are at the heart of what we do. Tim Mardas, Managing Director – Investment Officer joined his father, Denny Mardas, in the business immediately upon college graduation learning firsthand how to help clients with holistic investment planning. Tim and Denny worked together for over 20 years serving serving individuals, families and business owners and now Tim is carrying on the legacy.

Today, integrity and trust remain our guiding principles. Our relationship approach means that we are committed to being there for you and your family…for generations.

“Working together in a father/son practice gave me the opportunity to spend each day learning from my greatest mentor, my father, Denny. The broad range of skills I’ve learned along the way have given me a big advantage in running my practice today.”  - Tim Mardas, Managing Director – Investment Officer

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